PE Review Course

Spring 2020

If you are taking the Civil PE Exam there is a review course that we would like to invite you to attend. The classes that will be covered include structural analysis, concrete/steel design, transportation, water, construction, and geotechnical. Classes cover the breadth portion of the exam and are held twice a week in Jacksonville with an option to attend remotely via Skype.

  • Sessions held weeknights from 5:30 PM- 8:30 PM
  • Practice problems modeled after exam questions
  • Handouts available for most classes
  • If unavailable to attend, view the Professor’s computer presentation in real time on your computer through Online Meeting. Listen through teleconferencing, and participate live!

Courses will be held at the office of Connelly & Wicker, at the BBVA Compass in the Town Center. 10060 Skinner Lake Drive, Jacksonville 32246. Please register here.

Transportation: Geometric DesignScott Carter
ConstructionRusty Causey
WRE: Hydraulics – Open ChannelCeyda Polatel
Concrete Mix, Pavement Design,
Slope Stability
Bryan Busse
WRE: Hydrology & HydraulicsCeyda Polatel
Structural Analysis and Steel Design &
Concrete Materials
Maria Ruiz
Geotechnical: Soil Mechanics &
Foundation Design
Mike Woodward