Engineering Encounters

2022 Engineering Encounters

Virtual Bridge Building Competition


Northeast Florida Middle and High School Students are invited to compete in a virtual competition, where students will learn a video-game like program to produce a virtual bridge!

Competition runs from

April 13th to May 13th, 2022

If you have any questions, please email us at


Important dates

  • April 13 to May 13: Local competition timeframe. Students submit rolling submissions to the email
  • May 13: Last day to submit a final bridge design for the local competition
  • May 20: Virtual Awards Ceremony where we will announce final winners
  • May 23 to May 27: Gift bags for every student and trophies for the local competition winners will be dropped off at schools
  • May 27: Final day for local winners to decide if they want to go to statewide competition
  • July 15: Statewide virtual competition will be held in Orlando, FL during the annual ASCE Florida Section Conference
  • August: Cash prizes for state competition winners will be sent to students

Quick Facts about the Competition:

  • The local competition is hosted by ASCE Jacksonville Branch. We will accept rolling submissions to the email until May 13th.
  • For more general information about the Engineering Encounters competition, please visit the website
  • To download the bridge program software and for a video tutorial on how to use the program, please visit the website
  • Students are allowed an unlimited number of bridge design submissions
  • Teams are allowed at a maximum of 2 students per team
  • Students are allowed to submit designs individually and without a team
  • After April 13th, the competition rules will be posted on this website
  • First place winners in the middle and high school categories will be invited to the statewide competition in July in Orlando, Florida
  • Cash prizes are for first place winners in the middle school and high school category for the local competition
  • Cash prizes are available for statewide winners as well
  • Every student that participates and submits a bridge design will receive a gift bag from ASCE Jacksonville Branch as a thank you